Our processing plants work strictly according to HACCP rules. A certified quality controller critically tests each fish for Histamine and other health issues. Our Products are packed in to European standard approved by the EU.
We at AVRA Impex (Pvt) Ltd, we strictly follow HACCP method on quality assurance and control standards. Temperature at each & every step is controlled along with the other critical control points and critical points. In this respect we are obliged to ensure that any harmful material is not consumed, as it is to be achieved continuous official control for the removals of the bad Quality is very widely applied.


We can supply freshly caught day catch seafood according to your requirement.


We work with many fishermen to always ensure stock availability.

Best Price

As we run our business with our own fisherman's our products are cheaper than the market price.

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For client's convenience, we always provide products with HACCP approved.

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Our products themselves have a very clear, reliable and complete traceability with their labeling. We cater products that can be traced back even up to the particular vessel’s information which the product came from through a particular processing plant

Every time we are committed to fill our customers with every kind of required information through a particular product itself with the most simple and representative manner. In any case, an end customer can investigate it by tracing back with the information given on the product labels through the processor. This will further depict the reliability of our products.